Medieval clothing for men and women

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Medieval ArcherVest Duo b 300x201 Medieval clothing for men and womenMedieval Era is known for a lot of changes it brought not only in literature, music, food or philosophy but also in clothing. Every era, following the medieval era took, tips from medieval clothing to enhance the style and charm of clothing.

The different trends and fashions in medieval era began when the soldiers came back from the crusades and used to bring back expensive clothing materials. These materials were bought by the aristocratic class and then they used to call in tailors from other countries to sew their clothes but later their own seamstresses learned to stitch clothing in different cuts and styles. Dull and colorless clothes were replaces by vibrant, cheerful colors and dresses.

The medieval aristocrats were the pioneers of the medieval fashion trends because before that the medieval clothing  used to be tedious and dreary. After the introduction of different new materials like silk and satin, the women began to wear tight fitted bodice but the skirts were frilly and loose. The skirts and gloves were usually made of silk and the rest of the clothing, that is the sleeves and bodice used to be heavily embroidered. The medieval wealthy women used to be encumbered with jewels. Diamonds were also introduced in that era, whereas men began to dress up cordially. They started to wear leather or sheep skin jackets which were very expensive. Leather boots also came into fashion. The undergarments of women were mostly made of silk while that of men were made of linen.

The middle class was struggling at that time to make a secure a position for themselves in the society but many members of this class had emerged as successful business men, so they could afford the luxury of elegant and well designed clothing. The women of the medieval middle class used to wear velvet and satin. They couldn’t beat the women of aristocratic class in terms of jewelry but they wore their share. Certain laws were also passed at that time which made it crystal clear that the aristocrats and the middle class does not dress up so lavishly that the lower class gets offended. These laws were able to assert some balance in the society. The royal members and middle class toned down a little but still the profligate sense of luxury in clothing and style couldn’t bring in that balance in the society which was required.

On the contrary, the lower class or the peasants continued to dress up in the long loosely fitted dresses. They were only able to wear something lively when they were given the used clothing of the elite class. The religious people, such as the priests and monks also dressed up moderately. They only had two or three robes for special occasions.

Medieval clothing was like a foundation for the coming times because it brought revolution not only in terms of politics, literature and society but also in terms of clothing and food.

That’s why medieval clothing is considered as the role model for the other eras.

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