The Best Online Wench Costumes!

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Country Wench Costume 300x300 The Best Online Wench Costumes!Are you all set to dress yourself up in the most amazing maiden wench costume and are still looking for the right online store? Well, you better hurry up as all your favorite and most wanted wench costumes are now available widely over the internet, dealing with amazing prices and discounts. These costumes are the perfect treat for your Halloween party, theme party or any other occasion you wish to dress up to revive the olden times. As a continuation of the old trends, famous wench costumes are still seen worn by all women in various costume parties and especially Halloween which still manages to throw light on their influence from the history.

From the earliest of the recorded history, costumes have been found as a part of every creed, population and class. Be it the slave or the master, every person has been acquainted with its respective dress code accordingly. Certainly as the time brought more changes, the difference between the attire of the two classes became more prominent and later, was named as ‘wench costume’ for all low-class working women. Wench costumes do not define a single category of costumes but a huge number of them are compiled together in one word. These may include the following types of costumes of women: sailor, pirate, gypsy, Victorian and many others.

For starters, in order to look up for the right online store, search with the right keywords of the costume you wish to buy and hit the search button. As the results show up, you will be bombarded with endless options of different types of costumes stores. Most of these online stores will be seen providing pictures of the dress along with its detail, including the material and its care labels. Few of the comparatively better stores also provide you with a bit of its historic background and range in different sizes to fit your body type. With an unlimited variety of various costumes, discount offers and home deliveries are also provided to customers. Moreover as a cherry on top, accessories of these respective costumes are also available according to the desired dress to complete your look. If you are looking for the whole look of your favored wench lady, you will also find looks for cheap which will include a costume, its headgear and other major accessories that best describe that look. Some of the most popular wench costumes that are highly in demand include, beer wench dress, pirate wench dress, sailor caption, sea siren along with many others.

Furthermore, wench trademark dresses can be found easily in different price ranges depending upon your budget’s suitability. They are available in different sizes and can also be customized if you are willing to pay enough in order to get a personalized costume. As a result, during the festive seasons, sales are also put up most often by almost all of these stores to maximize their sales and provide you with your perfect costume to fit in for this season! Dressing up as a woman from a past era is no longer just a dream now!

Why A Renaissance Gown

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ss sb 210x300 Why A Renaissance GownEvery year, societies organize renaissance festivals and even though the invitations make it seem like it is going to be a harmless party, most of the time, the parties end in quite unexpected, and frankly, weird ways. There is no harm in having a little fun though. Except that it isn’t exactly fun when a few drunken mistakes end up lighting a woman’s renaissance gown on fire. Yes, true story. Let us not get carried away this year, and please for the love of God, let us not destroy another renaissance gown.

Renaissance fairs are where you can spot the biggest geeks in the community; dressed up as someone ancient, or some legendary creature, or something entirely weird. It is no surprise that people get a little extra crazy when they see everyone dressed up as morons. You have to admit most renaissance fairs are filled with whackos that think they are going to find a fairy godmother that will grant all their wishes and make them look cool. There is no telling as to how and when this tradition started, but there is nothing more awesome than getting to see everyone make a fool out of themselves every year; men wearing weirdly long and pointy hats, and women wearing renaissance gowns that are so tight, it’s a wonder how they manage to breathe.

It’s true, renaissance gowns are much tighter than they appear, and much less comfortable even though it may seem like they are offering a lot of space. Here is something else that’s true: they are hideous. Yes, no more lying to protect someone’s feelings. Those gowns are hideous. In fact, there is not a single person that comes off as good looking throughout the fair. The excessive make up, and the weird accents, and dear God, the lame jokes; everything becomes a true mess. It’s a surprise this tradition has lasted for so long. It’s unbelievable how women spend days looking to buy the best gowns, and then spend hours trying to fit inside them. Who are they trying to impress? We all know they are in pain. And then they spend days after the renaissance fair obsessing over their weight and make everybody else’s life miserable. Who asked you to wear the gown in the first place?

A more important issue to address is how women need to learn how to protect their renaissance gowns. Seriously, it is not just about putting it on and walking all jolly. Most of the time, those gowns are way too large for them to handle. There have been incidents when gowns caught fire at barbeques just because the air blew too hard. Women, it’s okay to wear something else. America’s got a lot of stores that offer great conventional clothes and at very convenient prices. And there are Black Fridays when those prices go even lower. Please, if you can’t handle a gown, don’t wear one; especially if you think wearing those gowns make you look pretty. They don’t, they make you look like women who are trying too hard.

Renaissance Costumes for an Adult Halloween Party

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adult party kit 300x300 Renaissance Costumes for an Adult Halloween PartyGo back in time to the 17th century. Renaissance costumes for a Halloween party offer the largest variety of costumes of them all.

Whether you are planning to make your own  renaissance costumes or go out to buy or hire you should never run out of ideas or options. A Halloween Party needn’t only be for the kids, the adults will love it too.

Ladies have many options to choose from, below are just a few we would suggest:-

  1. Ghost Queen – Dress up in a long white with long sleeves dress, put a silver tunic over and add a belt around the waist. Put a long white veil on your head and add some spooky white base to your face and make up to look real scary.
  2. Baroness – Wear a red velvet fitting jacket, short in front with a long drape at the back over a black mini skirt and high heel black pointers. Add a black velvet choker around your neck and some vampire teeth to finish off the costume.
  3. Witch – Black pointer hat, sexy little black dress, black pointer high heels and the broom to top it off. The witch costumes are probably one of the sexiest costumes ladies could choose from, your vampire will love it!
  4. Black widow – Feather trimmed long black velvet dress with long lace sleeves worn with a broad black belt with gemstone pendant in it and a black choker for the neck with a gemstone pendant. Tights and black pointer high heel shoes.

For the men, the two most popular are the Count Dracula and the Vampire:-

  1. Count Dracula – Long black cloak, white gloves, black pants and black shoes. You will need to wear the Dracula wig and put lots of face paint on to look real scary.
  2. Vampire – Black cape with a collar worn over a white shirt with grey vest and a medallion around the neck. Black trousers and black shoes. Vampire teeth for those blood sucking stunts and maybe some blood capsules too to give your guests a fright.

Renaissance costumes for Halloween parties can be found on hundreds of online stores, most of which will deliver to you anywhere in the world. If you have time, are creative and like to let your imagination run wild with you, you will be surprised with how much you can use in your own cupboards for these costumes. For the witch outfit for instance, most women have that favorite black number in their closet. The black pointer that can be made simply from cardboard and painted black. The only medieval costumes you might battle making up from your clothing at home would probably be the Count Dracula’s black cloak, the Vampire’s black cape with collar and your accessories like the vampire teeth, blood capsules and face paint. These accessories can usually be purchased at minimal costs at your local party or toy shops. But if you want to save some money look first what you have in your closet which you can use before going out to buy.

Renaissance Costume for Kids

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renpeas7903 7904 8104 276x300 Renaissance Costume for KidsA renaissance costume can be one of the best choices you can ever make when considering what to get your kids especially during the Halloween season. This choice of costume need not only be worn during the Halloween but also for various occasions such as school plays and costume parties and events for kids. Renaissance products will mostly be designed with the theme of the 14th to the 17th century in mind. This is to mean that you want to make an old item look new by reviving it either through the use of color and modern technology. Using the Renaissance theme can make for good parties, corporate events, products and even a costume if you had no idea of what to wear for that special occasion.

A renaissance costume for kids is basically what kids will love to look like. They are mostly designed to mimic certain personalities that kids will look up to. An ideal   Costume for a kid will mostly be the one cut out of heroic cartoon and comic books characters. Kids love such characters as they consider them their heroes and if they had it their way, they would wish to grow up just to be like the characters. But as time passes by and they realize that the characters are only fiction and that the only way to act like them is to wear a costume designed in a renaissance way, they will go for it. You want to go for Renaissance because it makes the costume to look far much better than any other.

Getting your kid a costume designed in renaissance can be quit easy as all you need to do is to shop from renaissance stores. Kids’ costume is a major item to stock in such stores and therefore, you as a parent will have an easy time when getting one. You want to be sure of what your child will like to have as a costume. Do not go about shopping for renaissance items from the store like you are shopping for yourself. Remember that both you and your kid have different tastes so the costume you feel is what they ought to get might not be what your child had in mind. If you have no idea what renaissance costume to get them, then it would be better if you went shopping with them.

Have a budget when shopping for a costume. We all know how tempted we can get when we cannot make up our minds on which one to go for and as a result we could end up spending more than we intended. As much as we love renaissance products since they are beautiful, restrain yourself to what you only need and set out to buy. If you cannot get the kind of renaissance costume you want, why not make one for your kid? You can easily find the step guides on how to go about this by searching through renaissance articles with the keyword costume highlighted so as to narrow down your search.

Cuts and designs of Renaissance clothing

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renaissance costume patterns 300x199 Cuts and designs of Renaissance clothingRenaissance, a time of intellectual change brought about many other changes with it. These changes started in the early 14th century. The Renaissance movement also changed the clothing of people.

This movement started in the early 14th century and lasted till the end of 17th century, and entered the people into modernity and left behind several features that are still praised, for instance the clothing of that time. The movement started in France and reached Italy and then spread through the entire
Europe, bringing immense changes in the fields of art, science, mathematics, social sciences and humanities etc.

The clothing of Renaissance period is a great influence on the 20th century people. People used to dress up in the most unique fashion during this classical period. Women during that time used to wear the most elegant long dresses which flowed till their ankles. They also wore long gowns that covered their entire body, leaving just the natural silhouette of the person to be visible to the onlookers. The finest cotton and handmade blouses were also a famous part of the renaissance clothing which was worn by young girls mostly of ages 19 to 25.

Other famous trends that distinguish the women of this era from its preceding eras is the way they fixed their hair. There were unique hairstyles during the Renaissance period in which the ladies used to tie their up in a way that it left not even a single hair, hanging out of the entire hair. Among men, the most famous clothing was the fine dress pants, sometimes worn with leather boots. They used to wear long shirts with padded and cuffed sleeves at times also. These long shirts were very common in the Renaissance period. People considered hair making as an integral part of dressing up, and preferred having bobbed hair. Every man used to have the same hairstyle which is almost hard to believe but it’s true, even though it sounds unreal to many.  This clothing was accessorized by various items like protective helmets, shields, sword holders and belts etc. Men also had richly accessories to go with their clothes which means that their clothing was adorned with velvet and silk. They had patched work designs made out of velvet and silk. Moreover, having silk handkerchiefs was considered as an important part of clothing of the time also.

In today’s time, if someone dresses up like in a Renaissance fashion, then they would probably be laughed at for being over dressed. Also people of the modern society normally dress up this way only while going to a costume party or a dress show. Sometimes, fashion shows are based on such themes that depict the Renaissance clothing. Some designers even today try designing their clothes according to the type of clothing that people had in that time. The famous Renaissance clothing can be seen displayed in museums and cultural festivals also. A few samples of the original dresses are still available at some costume factories and shops also.

Wearing Pirate boots in Winters

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images Wearing Pirate boots in WintersPirate boots are one of the most trendy winter boots and come in different styles and materials. Winter season is when want to dress up in comfortable clothes and look trendy at the same time. Shoes is an important part of your attire and in cold weather, the most reasonable pick would be pirate boots. These boots are an elegant wear and keep you cozy at the same time. You can wear them with jeans, skirts or whatever you feel like because they look superb in every way.

Pirates are legends; it’s very hard to separate where fact is and where fiction exists in their stories, but thanks to the Hollywood movies that showed the real face of pirates. The dark colored clothes, with an eye patch and a wooden leg is an apt way to describe a pirate look. These books were basically worn by these fictional characters to show their robust built and rough outlook. Also, this is the best suitable footwear to be worn on a ship. It was around 1981 when people came to know of these boots, they were worn in fashion shows and soon became public.

Pirate boots can be worn with almost everything and famous brands have made different designs and looks to cater to the customer’s need. They are very popular amongst the younger generation. They give your dress a formal look; there are really smart pairs of high heeled boots in the market. However, there is also a range of nice shades of grey and browns flat boots to go with your casual jeans, leggings and tights. They look super cool in every way. Fashion designers have started focusing on their collection of boots more now. Therefore, now you can get different colors in different styles and affordable prices also. Whether it is something with heels of with leather material they always look classy. Pirate Boots look very elegant from outside but before buying them they put you in confusion. The confusion is whether they would be comfortable to wear or not. This problem has been solved for people especially after the designers have started putting woolen material or some really soft material inside the boots just to keep them comfortable and warm for winters. So before buying any pair of boots, make sure they don’t hurt your feet or the material inside it is not itchy.

Pirate boots are not much different from the ordinary long boots. It is just the solid and rough look that distinguishes them from the normal kind. Another added benefit is that you can wear them in all seasons. Be it summer or winter, they look perfect with whatever you decide to wear. They are neither out of fashion not restricted to a particular sex. There is a wide variety of pirate footwear for men, women and children also. Above all, if you are planning to go on a camping trip as a family, you can buy pirate boots for your entire family to keep your feet protected from dirt and weather and more importantly it will give your family portrait a unique and special look!

Medieval Wedding Dress for the Pregnant

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H01053A 211x300 Medieval Wedding Dress for the PregnantPregnancy in simple terms is the process through which life is developed. It happens when the male sperm fertilizes the female egg in order to form a zygote which later develops into and embryo and finally into a fetus. The process in human beings will take 9months through which the mother will undergo some major bodily changes which in return affect the kind of dress she can put on. Apart from her belly growing bigger and bigger with each passing month because of the baby developing inside of her, she is expected to gain weight thus affecting her dress code. There have been a number of pregnant women opting to have their wedding ceremony the same time they are pregnant and this calls for unique types of wedding dresses to be able to befit their conditions. One of the best choices of gowns to pick from will be the medieval wedding dress.

This kind of wedding gown has since been maintained within our bridal shops because of their simplicity. The dresses are not only beautiful but befitting for a pregnant mother during her wedding day because of the kind of materials used on them and their designs. Medieval simply means of the middle age and because of this, anything considered to be medieval will have an old fashioned look yet still beautiful especially the dresses. Pregnant women who opt to get married in a medieval wedding dress will have such an easy time when buying them as they are widely available in different wedding stores.

However, it is important to note that since the bride is pregnant during her wedding; her dress needs to be adjusted accordingly. You therefore want to get a medieval wedding dress that is a size bigger than what you are now. This applies if you will be getting married from a month or two after you buy the medieval dress. However we discourage this because of various reasons, it would be better to get the gown a day or two before the wedding day so that you as the bride won’t be worried that it won’t fit on that important day.

Pregnant women tend to experience different weird things at the same time. One of these weird things is the tendency to feel hot and sweat every so often. It is therefore important that the medieval wedding dress they get is cut from the right kind of material that will be able to keep her warm yet cool at the same time. When it comes to choosing the design pattern of the dress, let the bride decide what suits her best. This is important because for one it is her wedding thus she gets to have the final say and because she is pregnant, she will tend to be picky on almost everything she needs and wants especially when her dress code is in question. A  Medieval wedding dress will not come as cheap like we would like it too but with a few tricks and ideas am sure you can be able to get it for a fair price.

Medieval Shoes for Women

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Delicate leather medieval shoes 300x224 Medieval Shoes for WomenMedieval shoes are some of the oldest types of shoes that were ever designed. They were cut from pure leather and as we study the history and the evolution of footwear, we cannot complete the list without mentioning the medieval footwear. Shoes and women can never be separated. This is simply because women are more in love with shoes than men. They tend to buy them so often even if they cannot afford to have them at the moment. We could say it is an addiction they are naturally born with and thus explain their need to have as many pairs of shoes some of which they won’t even wear. But how does the medieval time relate and influence how women choose to wear their footwear?

Medieval shoes although not commonly sold and bought by women can still be found in the market. The shoes will go for a relatively cheap price as their demand is not that high. One can buy the shoes from any store that sell medieval items but they can also be available from other shoe stores. They mostly will be cut from one design but in different colors. They are still manufactured like they were before during the medieval times but with a little bit of twist to give them a bit of today’s fashion. The shoes will have a pointed design because this is what they first looked liked. Before, they were only designed to reach the ankle but today we do have these shoes in various designs including knee high boots.

How to wear them is very simple as well. Medieval shoes can be worn with basically anything in your closet. You can wear the shoes with jeans, long and short skirts and even medieval dresses if you have any. When you choose to wear the shoes with jeans, they will look much better if you were to tuck in the jeans in them. The medieval inspired boots that we wear today can be worn mostly during the cold weather as they can get too warm for the sunny weather. You also want to ensure that the choice of color goes well with most of your outfits. Get dark colored shoes so that you don’t have to keep on buying other types of medieval colored shoes so as to match what you want to wear especially for events.

Caring for your medieval shoes is also quit important. As a woman, we are aware that you will have hundreds of different pairs of shoes to wear. That way, you will tend to ignore the medieval shoes every now and then because they are not meant for today’s fashion. However, this does not mean that you will never wear them again. Therefore, it is important that you store them in the proper manner so that when you want to wear them, they will be in good condition. The shoes need no special attention all that is important is that you clean the shoes before storing them.

Medieval Costumes for Peasants

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ag80331bd 213x300 Medieval Costumes for PeasantsAre you looking for a different theme for an event or party? Medieval peasants can be a fun, interesting and refreshing theme for that special occasion, be it a wedding, a child’s party or even just a get together for friends and family.

Peasants were from the lower income group in medieval times, mainly farmers and artisans. They had to live with the bear basics and the men went out to work whilst the women stayed at home to take care of the household.  They were humble people, strong in their religion and bold. The medieval peasants wore very basic and practical clothing, with a humble look. Having said that, by no means does this dress have to be boring, do a little research on what Peasants clothing looked like and you will be surprised how refreshing one can look in medieval costumes for peasants.

Medieval costumes for men, women as well as for children can be found on many online stores and from some party & costume hire shops. Most online stores offer delivery no matter where you are in the world. Men’s clothing mainly consisted of hooded cloaks, tunic skirts, a belt or sash around the waist, breeches, gawky looking leather shoes or boots plus a cap. Women wore scarves over their heads, basic dresses and often wore aprons or tight fitting waistcoats over their dresses to enhance their waists. Some women wore wide skirts with basic wide sleeved blouses often white in color and a belt. Women’s shoes were basic and practical. Most of the peasants clothing were self made from the cheapest materials available, normally extremely uncomfortable to wear for the women, but some were lucky to be able to wear softer materials. As the Peasants were the lower income group they were not allowed to wear bright colors, the bright colors were only for the higher income groups. A lot of people are under the misconception though that they were only allowed to wear dull colors but in fact some of them wore lovely greens and reds.

Medieval costumes for Peasants need to be simple and practical looking, but needn’t be dull. Medieval costumes can be very exciting if you do a little research and put on your thinking cap. You have a large choice from online shops, maybe party shops or costume hire shops, or you could choose to make your costumes yourself.  If you have a basic knowledge of sewing, these costumes can be made in a short amount of time. Or you might even be able to take some of those old clothes you have put away in the top of your cupboard and redesign them to suit the image.

Medieval costumes have become the latest trend for many ‘theme’ events. But don’t be like everyone else and choose to be a King and Queen or a Knight in shining armor, be different and surprise your friends, choose rather to be a peasant. Your friends and family will love you for it.

Medieval clothing for men and women

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Medieval ArcherVest Duo b 300x201 Medieval clothing for men and womenMedieval Era is known for a lot of changes it brought not only in literature, music, food or philosophy but also in clothing. Every era, following the medieval era took, tips from medieval clothing to enhance the style and charm of clothing.

The different trends and fashions in medieval era began when the soldiers came back from the crusades and used to bring back expensive clothing materials. These materials were bought by the aristocratic class and then they used to call in tailors from other countries to sew their clothes but later their own seamstresses learned to stitch clothing in different cuts and styles. Dull and colorless clothes were replaces by vibrant, cheerful colors and dresses.

The medieval aristocrats were the pioneers of the medieval fashion trends because before that the medieval clothing  used to be tedious and dreary. After the introduction of different new materials like silk and satin, the women began to wear tight fitted bodice but the skirts were frilly and loose. The skirts and gloves were usually made of silk and the rest of the clothing, that is the sleeves and bodice used to be heavily embroidered. The medieval wealthy women used to be encumbered with jewels. Diamonds were also introduced in that era, whereas men began to dress up cordially. They started to wear leather or sheep skin jackets which were very expensive. Leather boots also came into fashion. The undergarments of women were mostly made of silk while that of men were made of linen.

The middle class was struggling at that time to make a secure a position for themselves in the society but many members of this class had emerged as successful business men, so they could afford the luxury of elegant and well designed clothing. The women of the medieval middle class used to wear velvet and satin. They couldn’t beat the women of aristocratic class in terms of jewelry but they wore their share. Certain laws were also passed at that time which made it crystal clear that the aristocrats and the middle class does not dress up so lavishly that the lower class gets offended. These laws were able to assert some balance in the society. The royal members and middle class toned down a little but still the profligate sense of luxury in clothing and style couldn’t bring in that balance in the society which was required.

On the contrary, the lower class or the peasants continued to dress up in the long loosely fitted dresses. They were only able to wear something lively when they were given the used clothing of the elite class. The religious people, such as the priests and monks also dressed up moderately. They only had two or three robes for special occasions.

Medieval clothing was like a foundation for the coming times because it brought revolution not only in terms of politics, literature and society but also in terms of clothing and food.

That’s why medieval clothing is considered as the role model for the other eras.

medieval clothing Medieval costumes Medieval shoes medieval wedding dresses pirate boots Renaissance clothing Renaissance costume renaissance costumes renaissance gown wench costume